Tātou is about bringing things together.

For the Tātou Tote, we have worked with New Zealand artists to create a range of original limited run bags that combine the natural softness, lustre and durability of modern hemp fabric with style and quality.

The finished bags are a step above everyday carry bags. Full lined with a zip pocket and using the latest print technology, the Tātou tote is washable, and will last years.

Hemp is one of earth’s gifts to our sustainable future. No pesticides, no fertiliser, drought tolerant and a natural soil improver, hemp is the strongest of natural fibres yet can now achieve a highly desirable softness.

Artist royalties are paid on every bag. Printed with non-toxic dyes and the latest digital technology, the Tātou tote seeks to be the ultimate expression of sustainability and style.

Tātou. It’s all about us.



How hemp fabric is made

Harvesting — Hemp plants are harvested 70-90 days early in the flowering stage after planting by a machine.

Retting — The hemp stems are left in the field for 4-6 weeks to break down the pectin that binds the fibre to the stem.

Decortication — Separate the bast fibre from the woody core by a decorticator through a sequence of squeezing, breaking and scutching processes. And then the fibres are bailed and shipped to the carding facility.

Carding — After the bast fibres are extracted from the core, they are then going through further various cleaning and combing process called carding until they become a nice soft fibre. 

Degumming — The Degumming facility degums the hemp strands by using a biological enzyme to remove hemicelluloses and lignin adhered to the surface of the fibre.

Dyeing — The dying facility first removes unwanted impurities, and then use Reactive Dyes to dye the fabric. Finally, it uses a fixing agent to improve the colourfastness level.

Spinning — The dyed fibres are then spun into yarn and then woven into a fine yarn weave hemp fabric.

Coating — The coating facility then coats the fabric on the inside surface with wood pulps to enhance its thickness, sturdiness, stopping the weave from becoming loose over time when in use.


Denier of yarns we use

8oz Hemp Fabric (280 gram): 450D Natural and Dyed colours

12oz Hemp Fabric (360 gram): 1200D only available in a Natural colour